Secrets of Sneha and her sturdy brothers – PART 02

ഈ കഥ ഒരു Sneha and her Brothers സീരീസിന്റെ ഭാഗമാണ് , മറ്റ് 2 ഭാഗങ്ങളും വായിക്കാൻ ദയവായി താഴെയുള്ള ലിങ്കിൽ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക
Sneha and her Brothers

Suddenly the door opens and there was Samar Roshan and Diljith my all brothers standing there. They were taken aback when they saw me nude and sucking my own brothers dick i was terrified by seen them my body started shivering and i stood up and covered my boobs with my hands and ran upstairs into my room and Ranjith did the same thing. I was so fucking terrified and by what happens just now what if anyone tell anything to mom or dad. I was able to hear screaming sounds from down stairs they were taking to Ranjith.

I washed my face and got dressed and sat on my bed filled with fear. Suddenly there was a knock at my door it was Samar. He asked me to open the door. I took some time to open the door i saw all my brothers were standing at the door even Ranjith.

“Is it true what Ranjith told us!!? You used to watch him nude in his room and seduced him to fuck you” Samar asked me. Ranjith told them everything I didn’t know what to say so i kept quite i kept my head down. I was looking down with tears in my eyes. “Tell me” Samar screamed at me.

I got scared I was so terrified and was shivering with fear So, I decided to say the truth and nodded in agreement and said “yes i saw him nude but didn’t seduce him” i said crying. “She is lying” Ranjith said and took out his phone and showed every one my masturbating video where is asked Ranjith to fuck me. I was trapped there was no way i could save myself. He also told them i had fucked three other guys.

Suddenly Samar gave a tight slap on my face ” what a slut you are forcing your brother to have sex with you.” Samar said. “I think mom and dad will handle this situation in a better way” Roshan advised Samar and Samar agreed and said he’ll tell everything to mom now.” pleessssss Brother don’t tell mom anything please I’ll never do anything thing like this again but please don’t tell mom.” i begged them but they didn’t listen to me and went into their rooms

After few minutes there was again a knock at my door i took some time to open it. All my brothers were standing at the door every one entered the room including Ranjith. As usual he had an evil smile on his face “you want us to not to tell mom about anything” Roshan asked. “Yes pleessssss don’t tell anything to mom she’ll be very angry if you guys will tell her about this” i begged.

“Then you have to do one thing” Roshan said. “What” i asked. “Same thing what you did with Ranjith” he said caressing my boobs. “What are you mad this is wrong” I told them crying. Will you do it or you want us to tell everything to mom” Samar asked. “Please forgive me Brother i won’t do anything like this again pleeessss” i begged.

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