How i repaired Prema’s Mixi (repairman)

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“Is your son in?” I heard her ask my mother. I had no intention of getting up from my bed, from my rejuvenating afternoon siesta, but then, she was my landlady.

“Our mixie is not working”, Prema was telling my mother as I joined them at the door.

She continued with her complaints at my mother, not once looking at me, but I was used to it.

“Why take it to the repair shop”, I said curtly straight at her face and she looked up at my mother pleadingly.

“Okay, see what you can do,” my mother said to me appealingly and turned to her “you go, he will come”.

Now I am not a mechanic, but obviously, she had seen me tinkering with a few objects in my home. It was her habit to walk in unannounced and go straight to wherever my mother was and I was always wary of her, talking to my mother in short, crisp sentences when she was around.

I don’t care much about women and my attitude always kept her at a distance, but I know Prema kept asking about me, my habits, what I am doing, why I am not married still at 35, and so on. Typical of housewives I presume.

Their home was at the front. It was a pleasant, sleepy January afternoon in Kochi and she was all alone in the house as I knew her husband and kids would only come in the evening. I knocked at the door and she immediately appeared and said “come” and disappeared. Obviously, she was clearing the kitchen counter, which she was when I entered in.

She kept hurriedly clearing things as I took a look at the mixer. I ignored her “We bought it only just three months back” and plugged it into the socket and switched it on. Nothing.

I removed the plug and inserted my tester in the socket. The tester did not blink. Since the electrical fittings were old, maybe a wire inside the socket snapped. I turned to her.

The all-consuming fire of sexual desire is often stoked by one simple spark of a moment. It was the first time we were this close and alone, all by ourselves. As I looked at Prema, I realized how pleasing she looked. She indeed had a pleasant face, her gaze from her lovely eyes fast unsettling me. I looked at her full lips, her plump lower ones curving beautifully, and sensing where I looked, her eyes fluttered and lowered their gaze.

Prema was my age and years of household labor had sculpted her body into a structure that was so compelling. All those memories of the fleeting glances of her luscious lips, broad shoulders, sides of her tight and upright boobs revealed when her saree fluttered in wind and especially that single waistline on her right hip that rose and fell when she dried clothes all came flooding back.

fuelling an uncontrollable desire for her. Damn, I never knew these memories even existed. I am going to fuck her, I decided.
“I have to switch off the mains”, I resumed my attitude and she said she would do it herself.

I looked at her ass, firm and round, as she walked out and suddenly felt a twitch in the groins, that familiar twitch. God, I am going to have her, feast on her, make her moan, and scream, today, now. The kitchen lights went out, with the daylight seeping from the exhaust, faintly lighting up the area.

When she returned I told her to shine my mobile’s torch on the switchboard and handed it to her, touching her hands. As she held the mobile in her hands not knowing what to do, I reached out and switched on the app, taking my time and my hands rubbing her fingers all over. I don’t know about her, but her touch sent shivers up the spine.

Now, the switchboard was located on the wall at the end of the L-shaped kitchen counter and there was space only for one person to reach out. I braced myself against the kitchen sink, as she stood close to me, shining the light on the board as I quickly unscrewed it. As the board dislodged with the tangle of wires holding it, I said in an authoritative voice to show more light so that I can see what was wrong.

Prema came very close and our bodies rubbed against each other. Her proximity was electrifying. Her right hand shone the light earnestly while her whole left body was in contact with my right side. Half her back nestled on my chest, and her left thighs freely rubbed against my right ones. I pressed my legs more into her as I adjusted my position and had the wonderful feeling of rubbing against her back assets.

We both were silent but I could feel the effect of our body contact on her. I pressed into her some more as I leaned forward. I was right. The wire connecting the terminals of the socket was snapped. I quickly sharpened the sieve and reinserted it. Time for the next step.

In spite of her being the landlady and being physically strong, I knew Prema was meek.

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