Secrets of Sneha and her sturdy brothers – PART 01

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ഈ കഥ ഒരു Sneha and her Brothers സീരീസിന്റെ ഭാഗമാണ് , മറ്റ് 2 ഭാഗങ്ങളും വായിക്കാൻ ദയവായി താഴെയുള്ള ലിങ്കിൽ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക
Sneha and her Brothers

Let’s begin the story. I am Sneha I appeared for my 12th board exams and waiting for the results I live with my family of my four well-built brothers (Samar, Ranjith, Roshan, and, Diljith) and my mom and dad and uncle. My dad and uncle work in an MNC in Faridabad and come home on weekends only and my mom is a social worker for an NGO. I am a fair and average-looking girl with the size of 34 pretty big boobs on me which girls of my age usually don’t have and a pretty round ass of 34.

I wasn’t an innocent girl from the begging I had my first boyfriend in my 9th standard but I never did anything more than make out. I saw a dick for the first time when I was in 11th standard, it was my boyfriend Mithun he had a normal 6 inches dick we used to have sex but it wasn’t much fun to me, I don’t know about Mithun. Till the incident happened I was already fucked by 3 guys all my temporary boyfriends. I was very frank with all my brothers but Ranjith was very close and the most handsome among all he was really nice.

The story started, one day when my brother Ranjith came back home after playing football with his friends and was completely wet due to sweat, his muscles were the visible and well-built body was shining, he passed me and smell of his kind of aroused me there was a sensation feeling when the smell of his sweat went into my nose, he directly went into his room to change his clothes, I sneaked through the door and what I saw was the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my life he took off his shorts there it was his dick sprung out to life.

It was the biggest and the thickest dick I had ever seen it was beautiful, I saw him nude for a long time, my pussy juice started to flow down my pussy making my panty wet, I saw him going for a shower. I developed a horny feeling for my brother but I knew what I was thinking was wrong he was my brother.

That night I couldn’t resist myself and went to bed with my two fingers in my pussy and moving them in and out of my pussy vigorously thinking of those as my brother Ranjith’s dick. A few days passed by, and I made it my habit to see Ranjith nude whenever he came home after playing football, I used to see him nude and later masturbate thinking oh him, but one day I got lucky Ranjith saw me sneaking into his room and looking at his dick.

I ran into my room, my heart was beating fast; I was filled with fear and was sweating due to fear. “What he would think of me, will he tell this to someone,” I thought. I was so terrified that I didn’t go down for dinner so that I don’t have to face Ranjith. That night I was not able to sleep, it was 2 AM I heard a knock at my door from someone calling “Sneha”.

It was Ranjith, at first I didn’t open the door but he continued knocking and calling my name, so had to open it he came in and shut the door. He was standing in front of me; I still had his nude image in my mind and was thinking about it. We both knew why he was here.

“Why were you sneaking into my room? What were you trying to see,” he asked.

I was standing there without any answer to his questions.

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