Experience with my Customer – Home Delivery

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This is an experience which I had with my customer Radhika mam, let me introduce you about myself, I am Subin from Kochi. I am 26 now, Average looking boy; I am working with one hyper market as store Manager. Here I am narrating the story about my Customer called Radhika.

She is my regular customer at store. Fealty rich lady, Let me introduce to you Radhika mam, she is around 30 fair well maintained figure, you know Kochi aunts are very conscious about their diet and health, she is very close to me and we are become very good friends, she used to take suggestion from me for buying some new product and all. They have their own business her husband taking care of that, and I met him with Radhika mam only one or two times in the store. Let me start the story.

One day while closing the store I got a call on land line for home delivery. I picked up the call, I said mam I don’t have delivery boy today they already left. She said its very urgent and it’s for her breakfast, I said ok I will do the needful, I was thinking about sending my other staff for delivery, but he is new to the store and he is not familiar with the places, I had decided to deliver the products myself after closing the store. I billed and took the products and drove to her home for delivery. I went and rang the bell, she came and opens the door, wow she is in a white colour rope gown, she open the door and welcome me, ho Subin you only came, thanks a lot. Because tomorrow early morning I have to leave to Mumbai for a business conference, sir already let yesterday to Mumbai, because of some emergency I stayed back, you know I don’t eat anything from roadside food, that’s for the delivery. While talking suddenly rain started, I said mam I am leaving; she said no you can wait for sometime let the rain stop. She invited me inside.

I went and sat on the chair, I know they don’t have kids. She asked me let me get you something to drink. I said no thanks mam. That time I am looking she was drinking Bacardi and she asked me Subin would you like to drink something hot in the climate, I said no mam, she said come on man, I know you drink while looking at you only, just leave the formalities, I am drinking Bacardi, if you want you can take some whisky, I said ok, she asked me to follow her, wow she has a bar room. With lots of liquors it’s well maintained like a five star hotel bar room and it has a opening towards swimming pool.

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