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A Sweet Revenge – Sex with my colleague

I am Maneesh, 27 yrs old, 5.9 ft tall, little bit extra sex drive and this story is about my experience of having sex with my colleague. I work as a manager of a Mumbai-based company that runs a couple of knitting and garment factory. We have labor problems like indiscipline, strike for no reason, theft etc.

Most of the labors are involved with union that prevents us to take any stiffer action. In a junior management level meeting, I asked the dept managers and supervisors to personally contact me if they had any problem. I told them, the management would very soon be installing secret cc cameras to prevent component theft.

There was a female supervisor, her name was Neha. She was an union leader as well. She was about 26 yrs old, very slim, sweet face, attractive with a higher secondary level education. Once she contacted me for a problem in the factory female toilet area.

Most of our labors are female. They were not satisfied by the production manager’s decision. I was walking with her alone, she was explaining the situation. I could not help myself, I started to flirt with her. I said, what she was doing there in the production floor. She had the glamour and intelligence to be my secretary.

I said she was attractive and voluptuous lady. Somehow she got offended by my remark. She wanted to slap my face. I promptly caught her hand hard and yanked back. Nobody was around.

I quickly dispersed and went back to my office. I was looking for revenge, but she was a good supervisor. I could not sack her without a good reason. My personal investigation revealed, she was divorced few months ago with a one years old child. She had good friendship with one of our supervisor named, Imran.

I started to keep an eye on them. Once, in after hour, I found Imran was leaving the factory with a few component boxes. I took few shots of that, by my powerful camera phone. I secretly told Imran that he was in trouble, we already installed secret cc camera that revealed his crime. I showed him the picture.

The only way out for him to help me catch Neha. He got scared and agreed with me. He gave me a signal that, after the lock up, they would be taking some stuff home on a particular day. He thought I would be waiting outside to catch them.

But I hide myself in the next empty supervisor’s cabin. Few minutes after everybody left, Imran was trying to persuade Neha to take some stuff home. Neha was saying she did not need anything but, would help him to take anything. Then I realized they were getting intimate. They were kissing each other.

Imran was reluctant to sex but, Neha was saying she needed him that day. The bottom of the cabin wall had gap, I could see she knelled on the floor and probably unzipped his pant. I could hear the dick sucking noise.

My whole body was on fire. My cock was throbbing. I could see she opened a condom. She pulled him on the floor and started to ride him. I could see half of their body vertically. I could not take it anymore. I unzipped myself and appeared right behind them.

Before they could see me, I grabbed Neha’s neck and pressed on Imran’s chest very hard. They were horrified to see me like seeing a live ghost. Imran’s dick was still in her pussy. I pulled her both legs, rubbed plenty of saliva in both her ass and my dick. I pushed my monster dick so hard that, it was almost halfway in her torn and virgin asshole.

Neha tried to scream with her already gagged throat, I pulled and slapped her face so hard that it was bleeding from her right chin. Everything was happening so fast that they were not having a chance to react reasonably.

I backed up my dick a little bit and gave another thrust with enormous force that my huge shaft was all inside Neha’s asshole. It was dry like hell and was burning along the shaft but, I didn’t care. I started to pump her hard. Neha was crying and shaking like an injured animal. She was whirling and groaning with pain.

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